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Explore our exceptional portfolio showcasing the remarkable outcomes of our standout past projects, providing valuable insights into the expertise, work ethic, and caliber of craftsmanship that defines LNI. Delve into our curated collection and discover the diverse range of industries we have served, from structural engineering to transit systems, and public works to architectural marvels. Each project reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail. By immersing yourself in our portfolio, you'll gain a deeper understanding of our collaborative approach, seamless project execution, and ability to exceed client expectations. Witness firsthand the level of work we produce, as we consistently deliver solutions that are functional, aesthetically captivating, and built to last. Prepare to be inspired as you explore our portfolio, and envision the possibilities when partnering with LNI Custom Manufacturing.

Transit Projects

LNI Custom Manufacturing specializes in providing top-notch manufacturing solutions for transit projects. Whether it's designing and fabricating components for rail systems, bus shelters, or station infrastructure, we have the expertise and resources to deliver outstanding results. Our team of skilled engineers and designers works closely with transit authorities and project stakeholders to ensure that every aspect of the project aligns with the specific requirements and regulations of the transit industry. With a keen understanding of the unique challenges faced in this sector, we employ advanced manufacturing techniques and cutting-edge materials to create durable and reliable transit solutions. From concept to installation, we prioritize safety, functionality, and efficiency to deliver transit projects that enhance public transportation experiences and improve urban mobility.


At LNI Custom Manufacturing, we blend the realms of manufacturing engineering and architectural design to create visually stunning and functionally superior architectural projects. Our team of talented architects, engineers, and designers collaborate closely to turn conceptual ideas into awe-inspiring structures. We leverage advanced manufacturing technologies and techniques to bring these designs to life, ensuring precision, quality, and attention to detail in every aspect of the project. Whether it's a monumental sculpture, an iconic building facade, or intricate architectural features, we have the expertise to transform visions into tangible realities. Our commitment to striking architectural design, combined with our expertise in manufacturing, allows us to deliver projects that captivate the imagination, enhance urban landscapes, and leave a lasting impression.

Custom Manufacturing Projects

We excel in delivering custom manufacturing solutions tailored to the unique requirements of our clients. From prototype development to full-scale production, we leverage our manufacturing engineering expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to bring innovative ideas to fruition. Our collaborative approach involves working closely with clients to understand their specific needs, challenges, and goals. With a focus on precision, quality, and efficiency, we employ advanced manufacturing techniques, such as CNC machining, 3D printing, and precision fabrication, to create custom components, parts, and assemblies. Whether it's a specialized machinery component, a complex industrial system, or a one-of-a-kind product, our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing reliable, cost-effective, and timely solutions. We take pride in our ability to exceed client expectations and deliver custom manufacturing projects tailored to their exact specifications.

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