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Our range Of Services

We are your one-stop shop for a myriad of manufacturing solutions. Using our expertise in a wide range of services, along with our frictionless process, we are able to deliver complete projects with an unrivaled efficiency.


Manufacturing and Fabrication

No process turns us away. LNI has vast experience performing and managing a wide array of trades required for your project.


LNI works closely with design professionals to determine best manufacturing practices and feasibility.


LNI provides site-specific structural calculations for your project.


Whether in-house or sub-contracted, LNI can develop detailed installation plans and sequencing.

Construction Drawings

Contact an LNI salesman to develop construction documents for your upcoming project.

Our Process

1. Discovery

Get in touch with an LNI salesman to go over your project requirements, deadlines, and specifications.

2. Designs

With quick turnaround, LNI will develop a scope letter to be presented to the client. Our scope of work explicitly calls out what LNI will be providing for the project as well as relevant lead times, production plans, delivery schedules, and other pertinent information that affects the overall project outlook. This gives our clients ample information in order to facilitate decision-making in the bidding process.

3. Documentation

After a scope letter is received, pricing is to follow. LNI will send a proposal in the same format as our scope letter for consistency and simplicity. Proposals detail all exclusions, inclusions, and additional services required to get the job done.

4. Bidding

Once under contract, LNI provides timely submittals and engineering for approval. Submittals call out, in detail, all structural and architectural aspects of the project while conforming to all relevant spec sections.

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